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From Impossible to Possible…With Technology

Using technology is part of our everyday world — at home, at work, everywhere. Stand Among Friends’ Assistive Technology (AT) Program helps people with disabilities develop new technology skills to achieve competitive employment and improve their independence. Using AT brings an enhanced quality of life while expanding employment prospects.

Our AT Lab, located at The Disability Center on the FAU Campus in Boca Raton FL, houses state of the art devices to accommodate people with all types of disabilities.  Combined with a full complement of employment related services, AT will help you develop new skills and overcome any barriers – so you can achieve your employment goals while gaining a new found independence.

We also deliver our AT services through different methods making our programs completely accessible.  With mobile AT devices, we can bring services directly to you.

From low tech, no cost solutions to elaborate computer-based solutions, our AT Lab accommodates all disabilities.

  • Access for Physical/Mobility Impairment where basic computer accessibility, speech to text software, switch access, “sip-n-puff’ mouth controlled joysticks, hands-free mice, eye-trackers, LOMAK keyboard, and head motion devices are utilized.
  •        Access for Blind/Visual Impairment where screen magnifiers, enlarged keyboards, large screen TVs, scanners with text optical recognition and screen readers are utilized.
  •        Access for Hearing/Speech Impairment where basic computer accessibility with beeps and on-screen visual notifications, headphones, voice input and laptop communication devices are used.
  •       Access for Cognitive Impairment where simple displays, word prediction software, augmentative communication, digital pens, and reading, writing and learning software are used.

For information about our Assistive Technology Program and Lab, please contact Stand Among Friends at or (561) 297-4403.