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Live your potential. Not your limits.

It is no secret in today’s economy that it’s difficult to find a job.  If you have a disability, that task is even harder.  Stand Among Friends’ Employment Program helps people with disabilities prepare for and find a job they desire.  We have placed hundreds of adults and college graduates into active employment at a pay rate higher per hour than the living rate.  And, 87% of those who found employment have retained their jobs. 

Whether you’re a recent college graduate or an adult looking for a satisfying job, Stand Among Friends develops a plan that gets you where you would like to be — in a job that is meaningful and offers you independence. Participants in our Employment Program will:

  •   Develop professional communication skills
  •   Conduct a career exploration
  •   Prepare a dynamic resume
  •   Develop and perfect interviewing skills
  •   Understand and obtain employment benefits
  •   Develop employability skills
  •   Understand when and how to disclose a disability
  •   Identify employment opportunities and job placement assistance
  •   Receive ongoing job coaching and support after finding employment

Stand Among Friends also has an online, interactive pre-employment program that will educate and prepare you for entering the workforce—and you can access the program in the convenience of your own home.

Our Employment Program provides employer education regarding modifications or adaptations for the employability of individuals with disabilities. We provide information to potential employers about possible tax benefits and incentives for hiring people with disabilities.

For information on all other employment service programs offered by Stand Among Friends, please contact us via email at