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Stand Among Friends is a nonprofit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities. Our new Remote Support Services Program will help you transition to greater independence; Learn assistive technology and social skills while emphasizing your talents, interests, and education. We help you realize and achieve your career aspirations and widen your social opportunities so you can experience a meaningful life both personally and professionally.

Employment Program

Our employment program educates and prepares you for the workforce. We empower you through personal development, job development training and networking as we identify career interests, plan job searches and discover opportunities that match your special career aspirations.

Stand Among Friends’ Remote Support Services Program can help you to develop new technology skills to achieve competitive employment and improve your independence. Learning via the remote support services program, skills you learn will enhance your Quality of life while expanding employment opportunities. Our new Remote Support Services Program is a compliment of employment related services explaining devices to accommodate you and allow you to now feel comfortable when applying for positions that require user assistive technology.

Living with a disability brings daily challenges. Often these challenges can make it difficult to experience a meaningful life let alone prepare for and pursue your career. Stand Among Friends will help you develop the skills that prepare you to take the next step of finding employment. Our vocational rehabilitative programs have helped countless people identify their talents and prepare them for the workforce. We work with you to find achievable goals, we can guide you every step of the way from providing the tools to begin your job search, landing an interview, securing the job and even offering support after you start working!

Employment Support

Live Your Potential. Not your Limits! Our employment support services help countless people identify their talents, prepare for the workforce, and find rewarding careers. We work with you to set ACHEIVABLE GOALS and guide you every step of the way – from providing the tools you need to begin your job search, landing the interview, securing the job and offering support after you start working.

Education and Research

From unveiling the latest technology to presenting vital information we provide you answers, Stand Among Friends education and research efforts continuously discover new ways to help the disability community. We are committed to educating you about the latest software that can assist you and teach you so you may achieve your vocational goal.

Assistive Technology

Stand Among Friends Assistive Technology program helps people with disabilities to develop new technology skills and achieve competitive employment opportunities that will improve your independence. Using assistive technology brings you an enhanced quality of life while expanding your possible employment opportunities. Our Remote assistive technology lab combines a full complement of employment related services and houses state-of-the-art devices that accommodate all people with different types of abilities.

Remote Support Services Program

Stand Among Friends would like you to gain knowledge, confidence, and independence via our Remote Assistive Technology Training Program. The Remote Support Services Program, (RSSP) can assist you to learn virtually with tutoring courses and a virtual professor. Stand Among Friends can offer a hybrid of much needed support services from the comfort of your home. With our remote support services program you will achieve:

  • Career Development Skills
  • Professional Guidance
  • Employment Matching
  • Assistance via Reader
  • Ability to Use a screen magnifier with assistive Technology
  • Utilize a blackboard during our instructional class
  • How to enlarge font
  • Utilize OCR software
  • Learn while obtaining remote control of a screen.
  • Technology training
  • Resume Writing assistance
  • Preparing for an Interview
  • Highlight Communication skills during an interview
  • Conflict resolution within an office environment
  • Resume Creator
  • How to search for a career
  • How to call to follow-up
  • Career Coaching

Our Story

Stand Among Friends was formed in 1997 to build awareness, educate the community and provide “much needed” resources for youth and adults with disabilities. We have developed programs to address this need. Our programs included Job Readiness, Assistive Technology training (AT), and Vocational Evaluations to determine an individuals' skills, interests and aptitude to effectively prepare and place individuals with employment. Through community outreach efforts we have been able to expand and identify potential employers, volunteers, community services and employment options. Since 2008, Stand Among Friends has served more than 4,000 youth and adults with disabilities.

Community Outreach

Stand Among Friends community outreach and Remote support services program connects individuals to resources and potential employment opportunities. We have developed meaningful collaborations throughout South Florida that allow us to present a variety of employment and community Service options to individuals with disabilities.

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