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Stand Among Friends emb(race) 2020 Virtual Challenge!

Sunday, August 2, 2020 – AUGUST 31, 2020

Stand Among Friends (SAF) is celebrating our remote back to school enrichment for students with disabilities. This year the race, which will be held virtually. Stand Among Friends invites all participants who can run, walk, use walkers, canes, service dogs, wheelchairs, during our   “emb(race) our differences” 2020 Virtual Challenge. The race will raise funds to support back to school with assistive technology devices, which will aid and assist the community for the upcoming year.

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The Career-Ability program uses a three-phase approach for transitioning college graduates with disabilities into the workforce: vocational rehabilitation registration; soft skills assessment and training; and career assessment and development. Additionally, program staff provide communication and professional skills training, identify employment opportunities, conduct onsite job coaching and provide disability training for prospective employers.



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